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sumisumi – cashmere & wool goodness

Sumi Chung started her career as a sweater & knit designer in 1993 after studying fine arts in South Korea. Her major design work includes SYSTEM, TIME and MINE which are Korean contemporary brands. She launched “Sumisumi”, a new brand named after her in 2012.


Effortless yet stylish. Voluminous, oversized, blurred silhouette lines, Sumisumi’s ultra soft pieces keep you warm and comfortable while giving you a stylish and contemporary look. Many of the cashmere and wool styles are made without seams which helps reveal beautiful curves of the human body.


With emphasis on fluid silhouette, “Sumisumi” is a true reflection of designer's passion and creativity.

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reviled – creative designer clothes

Upon graduating with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in womenswear from the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology, Shaima Eshmawy spent several years designing with Ralph Lauren, Timberland and Calvin Klein. 


In 2015, Shaima decided it was time to embrace her creativity and released her debut line, Reviled by Shaima Eshmawy. 


Reviled is a classic, menswear inspired line for women that incorporates a modern take on classic tailoring using a variety of fabrics and styles  that are meant to evoke a sense of sophisticated, yet edgy style. Reviled aims to appeal to the sexy, vibrant woman who isn’t afraid to push the boundaries of style, season after season.


gobi – cashmere accessories 

Once the worlds largest empire - Mongolia is a place of high altitudes, severe weather and boundless plains. These are the best conditions for goats to inhabit. 

White, beige, warm grey and brown are the natural shades of Mongolian goats. Each color has its own characteristics. Gobi does not change the organic quality of their cashmere at any stage of production.


It’s is the first Mongolian wool and cashmere industry and has been successful for over 30 years. Gobi is in the top five largest companies in the world with an impressive range of cashmere products.


bridge & boro – nyc made jeans & shirts

Bridge & Boro is a men's and women's denim apparel brand founded by father and son Carmelo and Fabio Bari. Leveraging Carmelo's lifelong career as a tailor and pattern maker the brand focuses on fit and sourcing the best quality fabrics from the USA, Italy, and Japan. Each collection is then cut and sewn in New York City, where the brand is based. Bridge & Boro is inspired by the slow fashion movement, creating unique garments that are timeless in fit and design, made to be worn season after season.


The beauty of selvedge denim is that is wears in and becomes unique to the person wearing it. This was the inspiration for our ”Red Stitch”. Each one is designed by hand so that every garment is different and “unique”. 


lola & sophie – sensitive elegance

Lola & Sophie was created by Gene Kagan, who was born in Russia, educated in Los Angeles and now considers himself a native New Yorker. Gene has been passionate about designing for women since he was 12, when he cut up his mother's curtains and made them into dresses inspired by fairy tales and evil queens. A lot has changed since then, but Gene still wants every woman who wears Lola & Sophie to look fabulous and to feel as if she suddenly exists in a world of wonder and magic. 

Lola & Sophie’s sophisticated customer has an understated elegance that speaks volumes without screaming. Collections are based on neutral hues and have very little embellishment. Emphasis is placed on quiet textures and construction details. Inspiration is drawn from all over the world, from art, from fashion runways and most importantly from you, the consumer.

peter louis – classic shirts & suits

Each suit is carefully crafted by hand, and the floating chest piece is assembled with the best canvas material available. Only the finest of wools are selected before the construction of each garment.

Constructed by hand, the semi-canvas floating chest piece is made  from the finest horsehair and attached by hand. The shoulder is also designed and assembled by hand to caress and perfectly fall over the arm and body while providing astonishing shape. The inner waistband has pleats (pant is flat front) and a split rear seam giving extra comfort while sitting down. 

Peter Louis suits are made from the worlds best fabrics, top linings, baked buttons and made in the same factory as some of the leading designer brands suits.


(etc.) – our sample sale and special deals

We always have something special on our (etc.) rack that was sourced by us somewhere in the world. :)